February 16, 2007

Why Ghent rules all

Check out these guys, real up-and-commers (or something in that area)Ultravid for some quality tunes, mixes and where you can go and check them out.

Small update: the above link is the myspace of one of the two members and their joint myspace can be found here: Ultravid's joint myspace
Be sure to check them out.

Also, the hong kong dong is promising to be great, that's the least you can say. Synthpoprock or something in between, I don't know, I'm not really good at categorising, certainly not after a long day, but judge for yourself. I'm waiting patiently for their newly recorded demo.
My fav
8 Down, 2 To Go

And why Ghent rules?
I Love Techno
Ten Days off
Culture Club
Make Up Club

I live here :-)


Anonymous said...

+ Tijuana, Decadance, Poplife, Rendez-fou !

loy said...

yeah, well. If i had to name them all, it would get too big


Geht's Noch? said...

Big up :)

dj Yuri - Mixology said...

Ghent : the capital of dancevalley ! :)