November 28, 2006

Digitalism is all over the place nowadays, so i guess i can't stay behind. Supporting Radio Soulwax, releasing new tracks... They remixed the likes of the cure, tiga, the futureheads, the klaxons.... But lesser know and underestimated imho is their remix for Munk's "Disco Clown". If you have the patience to listen the whole track out you'll know what i'm talking about. If you ever saw them live, you're already a fan.
Zoo Brazil caught my attention with "Walk Right Back" on Get Physical, which I thought was more of a DJ-tool then a track. Reminds me of Linus Loves in some way, I assumed they were on Breastfed...
Big surprise to see them on Harthouse, but i guess no one's perfect.
They also have their first full-length actual cd "Zoo brazil needs you" which I haven't got my hands on yet.
Anyways, I've got "My Personal Jesus" for you, my personal favorite.

A warm welcome

As this is my first post, I should explain the name of this blog...

Kraftwerk - Rythm Salad

There, now that's covered.